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Civilian "Tactical to Practical" Training Courses


In today's ever changing economic and social environment, it is imperative that you have the training necessary to help you through any situation you might be confronted with.

ATAG now offers training in the areas of Basic Wilderness Survival, Basic Land Navigation, Home Defense, Self-Defense, "Tactical-to-Practical Weapons Training", and "Safe Room" preparation in the home.

These new courses of instruction are provided to civilians as a group or by appointment for "private" instruction. No firearms permit is required in order to attend an Introductory Firearms Course.
The Introductory Firearms Courses offered are provided as a familiarization, as well as an advanced course for those who are Licensed Firearms Owners.
If you are interested in more information about our civilian courses, or interested in hosting a course, contact us at or on our Contact Page